Classes are scheduled "by appointment only", $600/Day (Including Material)

I primarily teach advanced damascus classes and powdered metal canister techniques. I have expanded my classes to include basic bladesmithing and pattern welding. The classes are normally one-on-one, but I can handle two-at-a-time if needed.

I teach because I love it. And, at this stage of my career, the knowledge that I've gained over the years needs to be passed down to future generations.
— Steve Schwarzer



The class covers all basic forge welding techniques. We go over choice of materials and why . Material Preparation . Heat ranges for different materials. This is a hands in class to get the student comfortable forge welding with hand tools and machines. How to repair problems in failed welds . Forging techniques.


This class covers basic pattern welding techniques and pattern development. How to work through problems . In depth how to get started making cool steel .


this is an advanced class for both new makers and older makers wanting to up Their pattern welding game. It’s a very in-depth class on mosaic pattern development and the techniques and tools required to produce outstanding results. A good basic knowledge of forging and forge welding would be helpful to get the most out of this very advanced class.


This class is designed for the students who want to get the most out of my knowledge base. With this type of patterning the sky is the limit. You own imagination is the limiting factor. I can add a bunch of new colors and techniques to any blade smiths bag of tricks. Look through my body of pattern welding work to get a starting place for your personal class in my methods of producing this fantastic material. I try to limit these classes to one or two students . That way you don’t have to share your learning experience or tools .


I keep my classes small, so that students get the full benefit of my abilities and techniques. I can (and will) do demonstrations for larger groups by request. Hands-on training is confined to one or two students. The group demonstration dates will be posted later in the year.

I teach regularly in the USA and abroad. I just returned from a very successful teaching trip to South Africa. The classes I taught there included advanced pattern welding and canister damascus. This class was held with Henning Wilkinson, considered by many to be one of the top bladesmiths in South Africa. My recent students include Will Stelter, a brilliant young bladesmith from Montana. I also had the privilege of working with and teaching Neal Kamimura. He is a third-generation Bladesmith from Hawaii. Some of my earlier students include Rick Furrer (of The Secrets of the Viking Swords program which aired on NOVA) and Antonio Fogarizzue, considered by many to be one of the top folder makers in the world. Both of these students have now become my teachers, as they have excelled to great levels in the art.

My wife, Lora Schwarzer, also teaches Scagle-style knife design and construction. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for a class appointment, please contact me via the link below:


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