Classes are scheduled "by appointment only"

The classes information are just a rough guideline of what we do. I primarily teach advanced Damascus classes and powdered metal canister techniques however, each class is designed around the student and his or her abilities and tools They work within their home shop.  I have expanded my classes to include basic bladesmithing and pattern welding. These are custom classes no two are the same. They are typically one on one very intense focus of the area of bladesmithing the student wants to apply. I also do Family classes (Father & Son) as well as Female friendly work environment. Lora and I work hard to make this investment in your education a great experience. 
I also demonstrate techniques to larger groups. All classes are by appointment only. The cost of $800 a day includes materials based on the projects.  I require a $300 non-refundable deposit when you sign up on the site. If for some reason you have to cancel class it can be applied for up to 12 months from signing into your new class schedule. The $300 deposit is applied to to class fee on your arrival. You must sign up on the site and get with Lora for scheduling. I will go over with the student what you expect and we will try to make that happen. The gift cards can be applied  to any class.  Please download the "RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY" form, sign, and bring it with your self on the first day of your class.  Eye protection is mandatory when inside the shop.
I teach because I love it. And, at this stage of my career, the knowledge that I've gained over the years needs to be passed down to future generations.
— Steve Schwarzer



The class covers all basic forge welding techniques. We go over choice of materials and why . Material Preparation . Heat ranges for different materials. This is a hands in class to get the student comfortable forge welding with hand tools and machines. How to repair problems in failed welds . Forging techniques.


This class covers basic pattern welding techniques and pattern development. How to work through problems . In depth how to get started making cool steel .


this is an advanced class for both new makers and older makers wanting to up Their pattern welding game. It’s a very in-depth class on mosaic pattern development and the techniques and tools required to produce outstanding results. A good basic knowledge of forging and forge welding would be helpful to get the most out of this very advanced class.


This class is designed for the students who want to get the most out of my knowledge base. With this type of patterning the sky is the limit. You own imagination is the limiting factor. I can add a bunch of new colors and techniques to any blade smiths bag of tricks. Look through my body of pattern welding work to get a starting place for your personal class in my methods of producing this fantastic material. I try to limit these classes to one or two students . That way you don’t have to share your learning experience or tools .


I keep my classes small, so that students get the full benefit of my abilities and techniques. I can (and will) do demonstrations for larger groups by request. Hands-on training is confined to one or two students. The group demonstration dates will be posted later in the year.

I teach regularly in the USA and abroad. I just returned from a very successful teaching trip to South Africa. The classes I taught there included advanced pattern welding and canister damascus. This class was held with Henning Wilkinson, considered by many to be one of the top bladesmiths in South Africa. My recent students include Will Stelter, a brilliant young bladesmith from Montana. I also had the privilege of working with and teaching Neal Kamimura. He is a third-generation Bladesmith from Hawaii. Some of my earlier students include some of the top knife makers on the planet. Several of these students have now become my teachers, as they have excelled to great levels in the art.

My wife, Lora Schwarzer, also teaches Scagle-style knife design and construction. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for a class appointment, please contact Lora  via the link below:  She will respond with a contact email. Our schedule is extremely busy


Where To Stay


1004 Summit St, Crescent City, FL 32112
(386) 698-1090

Georgetown Marina, Lodge & Rv Park

1533 Co Rd 309, Georgetown, FL 32139
(386) 467-2002


"I just finished your canister damascus on-line class with Mr. Knight. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and philosophy with me! I came to knife making later in life. I paid my way through school building custom fishing rods and have since dabbled in wood working, tile and other projects to keep my creative neuron functioning while working my career as a physical scientist for the Government. Making knives offered a medium to combine these skills and materials. I did my graduate work in material science, so managing the microstructure of the blade to achieve my desired performance parameters hits me in my sweet-spot. However, after watching your classes, I am changing my perspective. I see potential to incorporate the decorative aspects of my custom fishing rods into the steel knife blade. You (and Mr. Knight) have kicked open the door to a whole new world of creativity for me. This is so much more than an engineering project - it is the intersection of science, engineering and (now) art."

John P.

"It is a big investment. But! If you are serious about making Damascus and want to get started in the right direction, then absolutely. In only a few days, Steve will put you YEARS ahead of where you would be learning by yourself.
If you decide to go, I would invest in some tooling at home so that when you get back you can hit the ground running with your new knowledge and techniques.
Steve and Lora Schwarzer are two of my most favorite people on earth. They are super fun to spend time with and learn from, both in and out of the shop. They are some of the most welcoming people I know. If you decide to go you definitely won’t regret it."

Logan G.

"My senior year in high school was an experienced based learning year. As one of those experiences I drove to Florida to take a class with Steve Schwarzer. The main thing that I went into the class with was my attitude, I went with an attitude wanting to learning everything and treating the class as more of an apprenticeship, than a class where I came home with things. In fact I didn’t bring home any usable pieces of Damascus. I talked with Steve over the phone and explained that I had no experience in making Damascus and asked him if he could go back to my age, and choose which knowledge he took with him, what would that be. That opened up endless possibilities for learning since he has over 50 years of experience and I had very little at that time. I came away from the week with more knowledge than I knew what to do with and a view of knife making that opened endless possibilities for projects and simplified the process so I could envision Damascus in almost any pattern. I am very grateful for the time I got to spend with Steve and hope this helps other people to prepare before going into their classes."

Frank B.

"When I went to Steves class I knew only how to forge weld and make random damascus by hand...Or at least I thought I did. He opened my eyes to what could be done and showed me so many techniques to get it done right. Not only does Steve have the know how to help me make any pattern or canister I could think of; he also has the equipment to get it done at a very fast pace. I absorbed so much knowledge in the two days I spent with him. We made a huge canister with mosaic elements that I got to take home and make into knives. I loved every second of the class and both Steve and Lora Schwarzer were kind and generous hosts to my wife and I. We can’t wait to go back and learn some more! "

Stephen W.

"I inquired about a class with Steve in 2020, he was quick to respond with dates available and information about the course. After a brief discussion of what I would like to cover, we locked in a couple days. To say I was excited was an understatement, to be able to further my knowledge with an internationally recognized ABS Master Smith was a bucket list item. Not to mention getting to meet ABS JS Lora Schwarzer who is an absolutely amazing blade smith.
Upon arriving Steve and Lora were so welcoming and hospitable. We got right down to business, Steve got out the steel to begin our Advanced Canister Mosaic course. The entire time I was there Steve explained every single step in great detail. Do yourself a favor and bring a notebook. We started with multiple rounds of forging to achieve a high layer bar of Damascus. After Steve going through all the prep in detail from cutting to surface grinding and machining we began our canister. Steve’s knowledge of metallurgy and understanding of how all the elements become a cohesive unit is second to none.
Once the canister was fully prepared and I finished asking my umpteenth round of 20 questions we went back to work. Steve makes the entire process seem like 2nd nature, filling me with the confidence that I myself could be at his level. At no point did Steve ever make me feel like he was just a teacher and I a paying student. You feel at home and are treated as an equal, as a Friend.
Day 2 we began by forging out the canister to a properly sized bar for us to begin cutting tiles. Once all the tiles were cut we machined them flat and began welding. Once all the seams were welded shut, we lit the forge for one last round under the Chambersburg! Forging my first mosaic bar and bringing to life something I dreamed about. Upon finishing the 2nd day Lora brought out my certificate of completion and at this point class was over but this was the beginning of an amazing friendship that was also forged that weekend.
Since that day I have talked, seen, hung out and gotten advice from Steve. I not only got to further myself as a blade smith but gained a lifelong friend. I recommend Steve to anyone I know looking to further themselves as a smith. He doesn’t just teach Advanced Mosaic, he teaches anything you want to learn. He forms the course to the student to bring out their best abilities. If you ever consider taking a course, it should be with Steve Schwarzer. If you are serious about progressing you skills in blade smiting you should definitely contact Steve Schwarzer. "

Jim M.

My name is David Dodson, a retired MSG from the US Army, and been a knife maker for a little over two years. 
I reached out to Mr. Schwarzer for some technical guidance on forge-welding two thin layers of 320 Damascus to a thin layer of 26C3. Even being an OIF Vet/MSG…I was hesitant at first and intimidated. I mean it’s Steve Schwarzer, but man was I surprised! He replied via text within five minutes and had me squared up for a bomb-proof plan. 
The next day, I put it in action and I was pinching myself at the outcome!! Down to the detail, Steve freely shared his knowledge! I don’t think I slept two nights after that conversation, and now I’ve got this amazing looking/solid super thin Santoku piece of Culinary art!!  Steve’s been at this business since Moses, and anyone that gets the chance to learn from him will never forget or regret!!!  It’ll change your knife making for the better, forever!!  

David D.